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Strengthening the capacity of
school commitees to improve management

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Health & Nutrition

Supporting and scaling up School feeding activities
and other nutrition Interventions

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Climate Change

To Contribute to the reduction of risks and vulnerability
of communities and climate change.

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Latest News

Musenda Community Schools' Inspiring Journey of Change


Providing platforms and conducive environment for children to engage with service providers

Strengthened policy environment at local, district and national level that promotes and supports children’s participation in governance and decision-making processes by 2027.

Our Strategy

We promote sustained inclusive and equitable access to quality education for vulnerable children

Inclusive Education

We strive to break barriers by ensuring that vulnerable children

Resource Distribution

we are committed to the fair allocation of educational resources


Our mission extends beyond immediate interventions


Collaboration with local communities is integral to our mission

Tailored Support

We provide tailored support systems

Monitoring and Evaluation

we implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms

ROCS is an initiative of the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ)

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