In order to achieve the long-term impact,A Literate and self-sustaining society where all children have equitable access to quality education’’ ROCS proposes five strategic objectives to improve the well-being of the learners and communities. Below are the strategic objectives which will be pursued through 2022.

SO1. Enhanced access to quality, equitable, and inclusive primary and ECD education for 125, 000 learners by 2022.

SO2. Adequate provision and management of WASH (Water Sanitation Hygiene) facilities in 500 schools and communities by 2022.

SO3. Enhanced access to and utilisation of nutritional and health services especially women and children by 2022.

SO4. Enabling environment for the realisation of the rights of children, especially the most disadvantaged by 2022

SO5.  Improved organizational development for effective and efficient operations of Reformed Open Community Schools (ROCS)