Mukalashi is a school in Chibombo District which has both a primary and secondary school sections. Pupils at the school that come from homes that are far from the school have been provided a house within the school premises where they stay and only go home during weekends to get food. The school did not have a reliable water point. It has thus been difficult for this one water to provide adequate water for this population.

Pupils and teachers had to fetch water from water point which were far and sometimes had to miss classes and it was difficult to concentrate on their education. The Reformed Open Community Schools Rehabilitated the waterpoint by changing the pipes and pump installation, and installing a new apron and drainage complete with an access rump for the disabled.

Brown is one of the boys that stays at the school. He was elated by the rehabilitation of the waterpoint at His School. Says Brown, “We used to wait a long time before we could get our turn to draw water because the pump was not pumping a lot of water. Now, we are able to draw enough water for laundry, cooking and bathing and we have enough time remaining to concentrate on our studies”. He adds, “suddenly, because of improved water supply, there is a great improvement in the quality of life”.