Lwamabwe Community School in Chibombo District has a borehole that supplies water to the school and surrounding communities. Because the borehole was dysfunctional, it used to take up to an hour to fill up a 20 litres bucket. The pump was breaking down frequently and members of the community avoided to use it. This relegated the community to drawing water from an unprotected water wells and from a stream.

The Reformed Open Community Schools (ROCS) renovated the borehole at the school and now things have changed a lot. Mrs Mweemba is the Manager at the school and says, “ROCS has given us a new set of pipes and a new pump. They have also given us a new apron and we can now have good water and more people are able to access it”.

“After it was worked on, congestion at the borehole has reduced and we have not experienced any breakdown, the only challenge is due to low water table”, she further added, “The training for the waterpoint committee was very helpful as well because people have learnt how to use the pump, when it gets hard, wait for thirty minutes. We now expect that we will have enough good water for a long time in the foreseeable future”.

Mrs Mweemba added, “I am glad that now we have a good and reliable water source but it I think it is being over used as it is catering for the school and more than twenty households. it would have helped if the other dysfunctional borehole was renovated. However, with the borehole that has been renovated, there are a lot of smiles in the community and for that we are very grateful“.