ROCS recognises that Children's participation includes the opportunity for them to express their points of view and opinions and thus to influence decisions which may affect their lives. Child participation in schools, community action, media, and governance, gives young people the opportunity to share their views directly participate in decision making processes.
School environments, just like any other environment, is a social determinant of health and determines children’s health and well-being. Although water and sanitation facilities in schools are increasingly recognised as fundamental for promoting good hygiene behaviour and children’s well-being, many schools have very poor facilities.
ROCS believe that a hungry child cannot concentrate or perform and is unlikely to stay in school. School feeding programs have proven effective in encouraging enrolment, increasing attention spans and improving school attendance. School feeding programs are powerful tools for alleviating day-to-day hunger pangs. It is suggested that giving children a daily breakfast at school may improve their scholastic achievement.
Early childhood development (ECD) is more than preparation for primary school because it aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. ECD has the possibility to nurture caring, capable and responsible future citizens.

Children in 200 hundred communities have an extra reason to start their journey to a bright future. Through the SRI project . . . . .

An opportunity for 3 meals in a day

Mrs Phiri Enelesi is a widow and lives in Chanunda village with her 5 children. 2 of her children are twins enrolled in the ECE class at Ntitimila Community School in Chipata. Their home is about 1 . . . . .

Improved Water Supply Increases Quality Of Life

Mukalashi is a school in Chibombo District which has both a primary and secondary school sections. Pupils at the school that come from homes that are far from the school have been provided a house . . . . .

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